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Why Jatter, Why Now

Jatter was created by a group of experienced tech industry veterans in the U.S. and England who came together to create a better way for businesses to interact with their customers using mobile commerce.  We believe that richer interactions between businesses and people leads to deeper relationships, which translates to more viable revenue streams and healthier communities. Our goal is to leverage the latest technologies in messaging, collaboration and payments in a mobile solution that enables productive interactions between businesses and people.  This is needed more now than ever before.

We have active families - spouses, children, pets, homes, cars - and are engaged in our communities pursuing a wide range of interests in education, arts, sports, outdoors and faith based activities as active members and leaders of the organizations and businesses that serve our families and communities.

A community is an ecosystem in which family members serve as participants, organizers and leaders using a variety of ad hoc tools to communicate and manage schedules to connect and collaborate with our community organizations.

Communities serve as the foundation for local business which represents half of the U.S (non-farm) economy.

Jatter was founded to deliver the communication, collaboration and payment capabilities in an integrated solution to help businesses, organizations and individuals create more active, engaged and successful communities.

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