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What is Corsair?

A communication app that enables Local Business and Organizations to connect and collaborate with community members to enhance Productivity and Commerce.

Focused on connecting local businesses, merchants, community organizations, community members and families.


Find, attract and retain members and connect them with the events and organizations that that interest them and drive their communities.

  • Integrated messaging, calendaring and payments

  • Contextual messaging between local business, organizations and customers/members.

How would local organizations or businesses use Corsair?

Local organizations and businesses 

  • Find and retain members

  • Communicate with members

  • Schedule and manage events

  • Facilitate offers and payments

How would community members and families use Corsair?

Community members and families

  • Discover events and organizations

  • Communicate with orgs and members

  • Manage group schedules

  • Make and manage payments

What type of features does Corsair offer?

The Corsair app is a private social network for real life communities, and provides the key features you need to organize, plan and communicate.

  • A Newsfeed with upcoming calendar Events, top active Topic threads, and more

  • Access to a schedule of your events and pending invitations, viewable as ledger, timeline and map 

  • Topics for groups, and events, as well as private messaging between users

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