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Using Castle

At Castle, we're just like you. Parents, friends, family members, coaches, community service leaders, small business owners - alway more than one at any given time. From this shared experience, and need for mobile tools that support us in all of roles, we've developed the Castle App to be as focused, yet flexible, as possible. You'll probably still want to post photos, cat videos and update your status on other networks, but we are confident that you will find Castle an important part of staying connected and productive in your everyday.


The Castle Home pulls together the latest events, conversations and activities so you can quickly see what is next up for your day, your family's, and what is going on in your community. And just in case you are looking for something to do with some free time, we surface other events and groups, just for you, in More To Explore.


Because so much of our lives revolve around events - everything from major life events to the small day-to-day tasks that need to be scheduled - your Events are front and center. From your event schedule you can immediately see what is going on with an event and get involved, or learn more by going a little deeper.


At Castle we know that most conversations are not bound be a particular place, or time. If the conversation ends, it is usually because it had to be dropped or we forgot where we were having it. Castle Topics can be carried on across groups, events, organizations, families - anyone in your Castle community. And that important information you shared, that key form to be filled out is always there to be accessed later. No more hunting through email, chat, and social media accounts.


Most Castle members are that person - the busy someone you ask to do something you really need done. So when you have some free time, or just the urge to do something new or different, you are free to Explore a wide variety of local Events, Groups, and Organizations. All of these are editorially tagged to help you narrow the search, or just browse to see the wide variety of your local community.


For those time you really need to focus, Castle lets you do More. Your groups and organizations, your family - all the details can be found here in one place.

See Castle In Action

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